Rose D’Adimant Saint Guilhem Le Desert Wine, 75cl

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✨ Beautifully Bottled – A Stunning Glass bottle makes this wine ready for that extra special occasion, gift or celebration.

✨ Rosé is such a versatile wine, perfect for everything from relaxed picnics and easy barbecues, to elegant dinner parties and summer soirées.

✨ Bottle Notes – Smooth flavours of cherries and cranberries. Pair with pâté, cured meats and olives.

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Winery: D’Adimant
Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault
Region: Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert
Regional styles: Languedoc-Roussillon Rosé
Food pairing: Pasta, Vegetarian, Appetizers and snacks, Lean fish, Aperitif

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 33.5 cm

3 reviews for Rose D’Adimant Saint Guilhem Le Desert Wine, 75cl

  1. Sarah Owens

    I purchased this bottle of wine to try as the reviews were good but we found it quite dry, so i wouldn’t say this was a desert wine. The bottle was really nice and had a glass cork which was real classy and would make a perfect gift.

  2. Laura F

    This is a stunning sweet wine! Well worth the money.

  3. Rosemary

    Love love love this! It says desert rose so you’d imagine it to be really sweet…but it’s not! It’s light and fresh with no horrid aftertaste! Probably not a wine connoisseur’s opinion, but I’d happily drink this with any meal!

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