Marula Gin 50cl


PREMIUM GIN – Inspired by the forbidden Marula fruit of the Elephant Tree, triple distilled for purity and a clean tasting premium Gin

EXOTIC FLAVOURS & NOTES – Handpicked herbs and botanicals from around the world, inspired by the Marula fruit of South Africa notes of peach, apricot and lavender

ELEPHANT WHISPERS – Purchasing this Marula Gin helps support the Elephant Whispers charity, which Marula proudly support and contribute to! 

50cl BOTTLE – This half litre bottle of premium Belgian gin comes in a luxurious black bottle, right at home in the greatest of drink cabinets. 

? THE DRUNKEN ELEPHANT COCKTAIL – Mix 50ml of Marula Gin, 10ml of Sugar Syrup, 15ml of Lemon Juice, 80ml of Grapefruit Juice, some basil leaves and 40cl of Soda Water and shake, then enjoy!

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Tripled distilled Premium Gin – Marula Gin is a South African inspired Gin from Belgium, comprising of the rarest and greatest botanicals from around the world. With an exotic touch and scents of peach, apricot and lavender, this Gin is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

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