Lime & Raspberries Botanicals Tasting Pack


Why Choose Dry?… 

These wonderfully mixed, Organic Botanical tasting packs from The Zest Co, are the perfect addition to try out with any new Gin.

Organically grown Limes from Peru paired with a generous helping of Raspberries.

The perfect addition to any of our Gin Gift Sets. Enjoy with a lovely bottle and sip from one of our gorgeous Sparkleware Gin glasses. Or set up your own online tasting session with your friends and send them each a pack!

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Cocktail garnishes are more than decoration added to the rim of the glass for a bit of flash showiness; choose the right garnish to complement your tipple and it can add character and style to any mixed drink.
They can enhance the flavour through your taste buds and your sense of smell.

The Zest Co Philosophy:​

Natural. Organically Produced. Untreated

‘It all begins with the fruit: We believe in zero waste, so that means using all the fruit.  Skin and all.  That’s why we insist on sourcing natural and organic fruit to go into our bags.’

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