Dead Man’s Fingers Rum Taster Gift Pack, 3 x 5cl (Coconut, Spiced & Coffee)


Dead Mans Fingers Rum Taster Gift Pack…

Spiced Rum: This Rum is inspired by local Cornish flavours such as Saffron cake ,spiced fruit and Pedro Ximenez ice cream. Enjoy neat or mix it with cola and a slice of orange or ginger beer with lime.

Coconut Rum: Experience notes of juicy mango, raisins, runny caramel, and coconut ice. All balanced with a suggestion of vanilla, clove, and a slightly citrusy trace of lime peel. Mix with cola and wedges of lime or watermelon juice.

Coffee Rum: Full-flavoured and deliciously different with notes of rich heart-warming ground coffee, orange, chocolate, vanilla and raisins, not to mention traces of clove and a wallop of cumin. It’s perfect for shaking up traditional cocktails like an Espresso Martini or simply mix with cola.

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Dead Mans Fingers Miniature Rum Taster Pack

Coconut | Spiced | Coffee

37.5% Vol
3 x 5cl

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 5 cm

Dead Man's Fingers


Best Man, Christmas, Party, Birthday, Congratulations, New Home, New Job


Best Friend, For Him, For Dad


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