Bottega White Gold Spumante, 75cl


WHITE GOLD – Spumante Venezia DOC Brut

Bottega White Gold is a Venezia DOC wine obtained from the vinification of Glera, Chardonnay and Pinot grapes. With its great character, this Brut sparkling wine is fresh and elegant, representing an expression of the territory where grapes are grown, among the provinces of Treviso and Venice.

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Color and Appearance
Straw yellow with gold reflexes, fine and persistent perlage.

Elegant and refined, it is characterized by fruity hints (mainly apple and peach), delicate floral aromas (hawthorn above all), with a finish of honey notes and a special aromaticity reminding of dried fruit.

Soft and captivating, on the palate it creates a perfect balance between the freshness of Glera grape, the body of Chardonnay grape and the acidity of Pinot grape.

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