Bottega Grappa Platinum, 70cl



Quality and care for the raw materials are the first and most important steps in the production of a good grappa. For this reason, healthy, fresh and vinous pomace of the vines harvested in dedicated areas are stored with care to preserve all their quality. Grappa Platinum has its origin in the skins of the pomace obtained by pressing the dried grapes used to produce Valpolicella’s most renowned wine, Amarone. Over the years, this excellent wine has conquered the most refined palates worldwide thanks to its unique and unmistakable personality. 

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Organoleptic Characteristics

Color and Appearance
Colorless, transparent, crystal clear.

Intense, rich and appealing, it is characterized by typical aromas of red fruits and delicate spicy hints.

Powerful, soft and very persistent, it has a strong aromaticity recalling the fragrance of the dried grapes which originate it, with a good balance between body and higher alcohol content.

Serving Temperature

10-12° C

Serving Suggestions

Grappa is perfect after meals. It can be enjoyed cold or even chilled, diluted with water or on the rocks, and is used as an ingredient in cocktails and long drinks. Grappa Platinum Alexander is a perfect match with dark chocolate, chocolate desserts, pastry or ice creams. It can be used to correct espresso coffee and, in Veneto and Friuli, to dilute the last drops of coffee remaining on the bottom of the cup (Resentin): the invigorating effect of coffee, combined with the relaxing action of alcohol, gives a pleasant sensation of well-being and energy.

Recommended glass

Slang Alexander

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 32 cm


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