Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin, 70cl


The quality of Bathtub Gin is consistently recognised by experts and the liquid has won over 30 industry awards in the last 5 years! In homage to the historical methods that inspired Bathtub Gin, every bottle is wrapped, strung and waxed by hand in Kent.

Serving suggestions:

Bathtub gin is best enjoyed with premium tonic with plenty of ice, an orange slice and somebody nice!

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Bathtub Gin is a uniquely characterful gin, full of fresh botanical flavours that stand proud in any mixed drink. The secret? Double infusion.

First we distil an already delicious London Dry Gin in a traditional copper-pot still. Whilst most gins finish there, we take the extra step of infusing an additional six botanicals into the gin over the course of seven days. This crucial process, inspired by the ‘bathtub gins’ of old, (hence the name) adds extra layers of flavour and freshness as well as a touch of colour to the resulting gin.

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