Celebrate World Gin Day With KeiCo Drinks

If you’re a gin enthusiast, the upcoming celebration this weekend may rank closely after Christmas when it comes to the level of importance to you. Yes, it’s World Gin Day on Saturday 12th June, the day that provides us with a legitimate excuse to drink gin and be merry.


After being in lockdown for what seems like forever, we’re ready to polish our finest copa glasses and get in the sprit of gin.


Becoming a firm favourite amongst the world, the gin boom is real and its growth is evident amongst the hundreds of small craft distilleries popping up across the UK in recent years. Whilst the classics will always remain in our hearts, the new thriving scene has paved the way for some funky gin flavours on the market including anything from pink gin to parma violet gin.


Whether you’re an old time connoisseur or you’re looking for something new to try, we’ve got a whole collection of gin favourites for you to sip on or send as a gift in celebration.





Perfectly encapsulating the spirit of Italy, we’re kicking our list off with the zesty Malfy con Arancia gin. Colourful and utterly refreshing, this spirit really invites you to kick back, relax and savour every sip, ‘La Dolce Vita’ style. Distilled by the Vergnano family, in addition to the bottle itself, this Malfy Gin comes in a gorgeous set featuring a pink Sparkleware gin glass, a tonic mixer and foiled chocolates. Whether you’re sitting on your balcony enjoying the view, or heading over to the local park this weekend, choose this Malfy con Arancia to help you celebrate World Gin Day 2021.


What’s in the box –

1 x Malfy Gin Con Arancia Sicilian Blood Orange 70cl

1 x Pink Sparkleware Gin Glass

1 x Double Dutch Premium Indian Tonic water 200ml

4 x Belgian Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts In An Organza Bag



What better way to celebrate World Gin day than with a Yard of Gin! Yep, you sure did read that right. Produced by the alchemy wizards at Zymurgorium, we now stock the world’s very first ‘Yard of Gin’. The uniquely packaged set invites any gin lover to fully explore and enjoy the wonderful world of Zymurgorium gin. Work your way through the plethora of flavours and gin liqueurs with your friends or family this weekend; there’s something for everyone here.



Full Strength Gins:
Original Manchester Sloe Gin (40%)
Choc-O-Bloc Gin (40%)
Original Manchester Gin (40%)
Zym Pink Gin (38%)
Manchester Marmalade Gin (40%)
Syllabub Gin (40%)

Gin Liqueurs:
Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur (18.7%)
Fruit Salad Pineapple & Sweet Raspberry Gin Liqueur (20%)
Sweet Violet Gin Based Liqueur (18.7%)
Cherry on Top Bakewell Gin Liqueur (20%)
My My Apple Pie Gin Liqueur (20%)
Jack Blacked Gin Liqueur (20%)






If your original plan was to have an afternoon tea session with your bestie this weekend, here’s your solution! The Hendrick’s Gin Garden of Unusual Wonders Tea Cup Set is another extraordinary creation from Hendricks that we love. Distilled in Scotland, this premium gin is wonderfully refreshing and boasts a delightful floral aroma. Celebrate World Gin Day by sipping on this classic gin in the most adorable tea cup and saucer for more refined drinking. Call your bestie, place your order and get this tea party started!

1 x Hendrick’s Gin & Tea Cup Gift Set





Whilst it’s nice to explore the new gins on the scene, sometime the classics are worth coming back to for their iconic taste. Here we’re highlighting the extraordinary smoothness and perfectly balanced taste of one of the World’s leading gins – Bombay Sapphire. It’s the artistry of this go-to gin that keeps so many coming back for more. Shaking up this classic, you can find it in a fun sparkly gift set here at KeiCo Drinks, which features a fully glitter coated bottle of Bombay Sapphire, a Sparkleware copa gin glass, a tonic mixer and some delicious chocolates. This glittery bottle is one that you can keep forever as a fun reminder of how you celebrated World Gin day 2021.


What’s in the box –

1 x 70cl Bombay Sapphire London dry Gin
1 x Blue Sparkleware Gin Glass.
1 x The London Essence Co Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water 200ml
4 x Belgian Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts in An Organza Bag.




The best things come in small packages


Miniature bottles are a great way of trying a selection of gins so you can find your preferred taste for World Gin Day 2021. We have a wide range of gift sets featuring miniature bottles including the following sets below:












However you choose to mark the celebration this World Gin Day, just know that we’ve got everything you need to get into the spirit of things here at KeiCo Drinks. Don’t forget to tag us on social media when all the fun Be-Gins!


Top Alcohol Gift Sets for Father’s Day 2021

Is it just us or does it seem like there’s a lot going on this month. In addition to June marking the last month in the first half of the year, there seems to be so many happenings, including endless birthdays, weddings, school closing for the summer and the celebration of our superheroes on Father’s Day! This year it lands on the 20th June so we’ve got to get prepared and choose a thoughtful gift to send to our Papas.

There’s no doubt that Dad’s are hard to shop for, they never seem to want/need anything and rarely drop any hints like perhaps our mums may do.

Figuring out what to buy them is always a challenge, but instead of settling for the ‘Best Dad in the World’ socks, we’ve got some better ideas for you. Yes, KeiCo Drinks has got you covered for Father’s Day with a range of curated gift sets, whether he’s a gin enthusiast or a rum aficionado, there’s something for him in our website.


Our Top Picks of the Best Father’s Day Gift Sets


For the Rum Aficionados:


Dead Man's Fingers Gin Gift Set


If your Dad’s a rum lover, he’s absolutely going to love this drink. A spiced rum with a bit of attitude, something unique that he’s most probably not tried before. With 2021 being the rise of the rum we’ve taken this Cornish classic brand and created an epic gift set that comes complete with the following:

What’s in the box?

1 x 70cl DMF Spiced Rum

2 x Complimenting Golden Rim Tumblers

2 x Las Trincheras Gold Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Bars

For the Vodka Lovers:


Grey Goose Gift Set


Whether you’re looking for a gift for a Martini lover or a Vodka Cola fan, there’s a globe of curated sets here at KeiCo Drinks for your Vodka King. Known for producing premium spirits, Grey Goose is a drink for the serious vodka lovers out there. In addition to a fun mixer, this 70CL size bottle comes paired with a set of two platinum rim Sparkleware Tumbler Glasses. Your dad will love sipping on this fine vodka whilst swirling it around in this stylish glass.

What’s in the box?

1 x 70cl Grey Goose Vodka

1 x 20cl Fentimans Curiosity Cola

2 x Platinum Rim Sparkleware Tumbler Glasses

4 x Silver Belgian Heart Chocolates

For the Gin Enthusiasts:



Whitley Neill


Treat your Dad to not just a standard bottle of gin but a unique one presented in a fully kitted out gift set. If you haven’t yet heard of Whitley Neill, this award winning distiller is worth checking out. Your Dad will love this classic London dry gin with rich notes of juniper and citrus, pot pourri and exotic spices. The exceptional Whitley Neill drink comes with a pair of matching smoky-grey Sparkleware gin glasses and some Willie’s Cacao chocolate bars. An ideal gift set for Father’s Day 2021.

What’s in the box –

1 x Whitley Neill Original Gin 70cl.

2 x Smoked Grey Sparkleware Gin Glass.

1 x 26g Willie’s Cacao Luscious Orange Chocolate Bar

1 x 26g Willie’s Cacao Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Bar


For the Champagne Connoisseurs:



Bollinger Champagne



Champagne is perfect for Dads-to-be and celebrating First Time Dads, as well as Father’s who enjoy the finer things in life. Let your Dad channel his inner James Bond flair with this Bollinger Champagne gift set, paired with two polka dot flutes making it a delight to drink. Why not push the boat out, and send your dad a bottle of fine bubble he’ll enjoy!

What’s in the box –

1 x 75cl Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut Champagne

2 x 170ml Gold Polka-Dot Champagne Flutes

4 x Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts in an organza bag


Head over to our gift and bottle section to find more options for Father’s Day gifts 2021 – whichever one you choose; you’ll be in his good books for a long time to come.

Father’s Day Gifts

Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day With A Gift From KeiCo Drinks


We naturally fill Mother’s day with the familiar traditions of breakfast-in-bed, blooming gift bouquets, and hand-crafted cards. But with what seems like a never-ending lockdown, this will be another event we’ll have to celebrate a little differently.


Unless your Mum has been your quarantine queen from day one, for many of us, we will be spending March 14th away from our superwomen. Although there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! We’re still all in it together, so why not keep up the positivity with some Mother’s Day surprises.


Celebrating at home doesn’t have to be dull. We’ve all had our fair share of dreary days, so it’s time to shake it up and allow your Mum to experience pure luxury in her own home. If you get to spend the day with her – that’s great! But even if you’re distanced you can still help her create the atmosphere of the most fabulous spas in town while you pamper her as she deserves. Whether her day involves relaxing in the bath or some mindful meditation, KeiCo Drinks has a wonderful selection of carefully curated Mother’s Day gift sets that will perfectly compliment her quiet time.


Kick Back With Sips To Savour


Mum’s around the world deserve to cherish a night of pure calmness and a chance to toast to herself. Let her sink in for a peaceful night with her favourite tipple, selected and sent by you. A calming soak in the bathtub with soothing salts, chilled bubbles and decadent truffles is everything she needs to have a relaxing, indulgent night in.

Show her she deserves the finest. Our classic mini gift boxes designed for one will sweep her off her feet and into an evening of opulence, as well as our newly launched floral sets, adorned with luxury soap roses.


Top Mother’s Day Gift Picks By KeiCo


Freixenet Sparkling Rosé Wine Gift Set 20cl


Give Mum the chance to blissfully “rosé the day away” with this luxe box set. She can enjoy this delicious Italian champagne as a toast with dinner or mixed with orange juice for a breakfast mimosa. With the added treats included, she’ll be happily indulging in the Belgian milk chocolate hearts while sipping from her gorgeous metallic rose champagne flute.

Freixenet Sparkling Rose Wine | 20cl | Sparkleware Gift Set | Keico Drinks
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Interstellar Mini Moët Pamper Gift Set 20cl


A great night is on the horizon for Mother’s Day when it involves a delectable box of champagne truffles and a bottle of Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne. Gifted with a tranquil, self-heating mask, this set will surely have Mum drifting among the stars.

Mini 20cl Moet | 5cl Chambord | Willies Cacao Champagne Truffles | Interstellar Spacemask | Sparkleware Gift Set | Keico Drinks
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Floral Gift Sets
The ‘Sweet Like Roses’ – Mini Moët Champagne Floral Gift Set


Spend a fun evening with this gorgeous set from our new floral collection. Featuring the iconic Moët Chandon, this bright fruity and elegant champagne is perfectly paired with a mini bottle of Edinburgh gin raspberry liqueur and luxury soap roses. Your Mum can enjoy a peaceful evening and allow this bold champagne to shine, whether it’s enjoyed on its own or as a champagne cocktail, this set is sure to go down a treat.

The Sweet Roses Floral Gift Set | Keico Drinks
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The ‘Sweet, Wild and Free’ – Wild Life Botanicals Gift Set 20cl


With a sophisticated flavour and ultra-low alcohol content, this is the perfect choice for pregnant Mums and those who don’t often drink. Presented with pink and champagne soap roses, lindt chocolates and gourmet sweets, Mum will delight in this indulgence.

Sweet Wild & Free Floral Gift Set | Keico Drinks

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This Mother’s Day, give something special to the superwomen in your lives. Whether she enjoys a morning mimosa or sophisticated evening sips, show her how much you appreciate all that she does. These fabulous Mother’s Day gifts from KeiCo Drinks are the perfect way to show her you care. Visit our website and place your order before the 11th March to ensure they’ll be delivered on time.

All our gift boxes come pre-wrapped and delivered directly to the recipient with a personalised note from you. Even if you can’t be there with her, put a smile on her face this Mother’s day 2021.



Sip, Savour and Sparkle with your loved one this Valentine’s Day


Events and celebrations have been anything but traditional this past year, but with February 14th creeping up around the corner, it’s time to get creative with ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Giving thanks to the legendary man himself, this day of love will provide the perfect opportunity to shake up the Groundhog Days of Covid-19 quarantine and profess love by sending gifts and pampering our favourite beings.

So where do we start? Whether you’re dining at home, basking in the comfort of your couch for a romantic evening or you’re playing it safe by socially distancing from each other, we’ve got a fantastic range of alcohol gift sets here at KeiCo drinks that perfectly fit the occasion. From red ribbon-wrapped luxury gift sets to pink hued bubbled delights, we’ve got all the best alcohol filled sets that are guaranteed to make your loved one feel special this year.

Get creative with a romantic dinner


Being confined inside has got us all thinking about how to make the most of the situation and if there was ever a right time to justify a healthy vino (or any alcohol) habit, it’s just got to be now. Take the edge off this Valentine’s Day and replicate your favourite fancy night out at a restaurant by getting creative with dinner at home.

You still get to dress up in your favourite outfit for the evening without having to enter crowded dining spaces and feel at risk. Here’s how to to create the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home.


Create a romantic setting

Set up a small table in your home for you both to enjoy or even for your friends. Candles create a warm, inviting atmosphere and red roses are simply just a classic recipe for romance. Go all out in style, there’s no such thing as too much.


Set the mood

Hit play on that sweet jazz playlist or ask Alexa to work some magic with a series of romantic songs to get you in the mood. After a few glasses you’ll be belting out your favourite ballads, and so you should.


Unwrap and enjoy your favourite alcohol gift set

Here’s where we come in. Take BYOB to the next level by surprising your lover with an alcohol gift set that you can pop open, then sip and savour throughout the night. There’s something for all taste buds from rosé champagne to warming Baileys sets.


Keico’s Top Valentine’s Day Picks


Edinburgh Gin Valentine’s Cocktail Gift Set

Tickle your lover pink this Valentine’s Day with this cocktail gift set featuring the delicious Edinburgh Gin, aptly named ‘Valentines’. The gorgeously packaged set comes with a Raspberry Gin Liqueur and Britvic Pineapple ready for you to whip up the super velvety cocktail “The First Kiss”. The set also features a bar of raspberry and cream chocolate, two rose Sparkleware gin glasses and an artificial rose. Will you be giving “The First Kiss” a try this Valentine’s day?

Edinburgh Gin | Sparkleware Cocktail Gift Set | KeiCo Drinks










Wildlife Botanicals Blush 75cl / Wildlife Botanicals Blush 20cl

Make your romantic evening extra wild this year by popping open a bottle of Wildlife Botanicals Blush. Crafted in Cornwall, this sparkling nude boasts refreshing notes of wild strawberries, lime and mango. What’s more is that it’s almost alcohol free, an ideal gift for pregnant mums or anyone who wishes to keep their alcohol intake low. A large and smaller version of the bubbly goodness comes in a dazzling gift set featuring a Sparkleware Metallic Rose Gold Champagne Glass and a bundle of tasty heart shaped chocolates.












Moet & Chandon Red Rose Gift Set 75cl

Take it up a notch with this Moet Chandon Red Rose Champagne gift set. The ultimate Valentine’s gift featuring two Sparkleware (non-toxic) glitter coated champagne flutes. The perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to your evening of romance.



Freixenet Rose Duo

Revel in the taste of juicy wild berries this Valentine’s Day with a bottle of Freixenet Rosé (or two). With its bejewelled bottle, this fun, bubbly drink is perfect for adding sparkle to your evening. Our duo gift set feature a charming still rosé and a refreshing Italian sparkling rosé paired with a metallic pink champagne flute – an elegant gift that will be adored by all rosé lovers.



In whichever way you decide to do so, celebrating Valentine’s day will be the perfect way to disrupt the monotony of the pandemic and help us recharge all in the name of love. Spend the most romantic day of the year unwrapping a perfectly packaged gift set to toast the night away with your lover. Or if Valentine’s Day is not your thing, you can still show your love by delivering happiness in a box wrapped with a touch of sparkle. Visit our website to find the perfect gift package to send to your loved ones.

All our packages come pre-wrapped and can be sent directly to the recipient with a gift message from you. Put a smile on your family and friend’s faces and show them that you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s day 2021.