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A Very Posh Peach Bellini

At KeiCo Drinks, in addition to the premium range of spirits and luxury wines online for you to discover, we take pride in our beautiful collection of pre-assembled cocktail gift sets, designed and packaged by our in-house brand – Sparkleware. If we may say so ourselves, they are the most charming looking boxes packed with the ultimate treats for all you cocktail lovers. These alcohol gift sets are the perfect way to send to someone as a present, or an ideal way to keep us all busy during lockdown life. 

It has been a long year indeed, and it’s safe to say that we’re running out of fun, creative ideas to keep us busy. Even with everything that is going on around us, we need to take some time to treat ourselves and keep our ‘spirits high’. That’s where a good drink and a cocktail making session comes into play – Quarantinis all around! 

A great way to show your friends or yourself a little affection and appreciation is through a beautifully packaged cocktail gift set containing a premium bottle of spirit or wine, paired with a mixer. These gift sets require zero mixology skills, but they do offer the power to whip up the most impressive cocktails for all to enjoy. Cue the fun – It’s time to shake things up! Gifting a luxurious cocktail gift set is the ultimate way to spruce up quarantine and fight off the lockdown blues.

Introducing our newest addition to the KeiCo Drinks family, one that we think may just tickle your ‘fancy’…

The Posh Peach Bellini Gift Set

Summer may have come to an end but Peach Bellinis are timeless. Yes, there is no way these tasty cocktails are going on hold until next year. Carefully crafted with one-part peach puree and one-part chilled Prosecco – there is truly no other drink quite like the Peach Bellini.

This luxury gift set comes with a bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco paired with a Sparkling Peach Gin Liqueur from Zymurgorium, Manchester’s first distillery making gin, mead, beer and cider. Living by their motto ‘Make Every Moment Epic’, (which we love) Zymurgorium has created an exceptional liqueur to splash into your glass of Prosecco. With a touch of glitter by in-house gifting brand, Sparkleware, the box is carefully wrapped up alongside a beautiful gold metallic champagne flute and some tasty chocolates. From anniversaries to birthdays to weddings and beyond, the ‘Posh Peach Bellini Set’, is truly the ideal gift for all palates. 

For many, the worst quarantine side effect has been the constant travel bans – this cocktail gift set will remind you of a summer day at the beach in Portofino, Italy. The Peach Bellini is incredibly refreshing, and will be sure to give you the taste of an Italian summer in a glass! Typically made with Prosecco, a sparkling Italian wine and peach puree or nectar, Bellinis are slightly sweet and ultimately refreshing! 

Our various range of Prosecco gift sets which can be found online are great for making the traditional Bellini, but if you are looking for something with a special twist, the ‘Posh Bellini Gift Set’ is a wonderful alternative. Infused with delectable peaches, Zymurgorium’s Peach Bellini Gin Liqueur is the ultimate base for the Bellini cocktail – just top it up with Bottega Gold Prosecco and you have a delicious cocktail to indulge in. What we love the most about the bottle is that it’s a shimmering sensation, Zymurgorium has thrown in a few sparkles to the liqueur, a fun way to jazz up one’s cocktail drinking session. Just unwrapping this glitzy bottle alone, will have you in the mood for a party!

But where did this beloved cocktail come from?

Originating from the lovely canals of Venice, Italy, the Bellini was invented sometime between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani at his famous, Harry’s Bar. The drink gets its roll off the tongue name from Giovanni Bellini’s 15th-century paintings, whose use of pink and rose tones reminded Cipriani of his newly invented cocktail. Add a second Harry’s Bar in New York and a Frenchman with a white peach puree connection, the classic Peach Bellini was born and available all year-round!

Zymurgorium’s Peach Bellini Gin gives this classic drink a refreshingly fruity punch! The delectable gin is infused with fresh peaches and perfectly paired with white grape extract and distilled juniper. Finishing your gin Bellini off with freshly-cut peaches and rosemary sprigs, will elevate the cocktail and create a feeling of pure elegance.

Traditionally a Bellini calls for pureed white peaches and Prosecco, however, over the years, many have seized the opportunity to play around with flavours and create their own variations. On the topic of mixing up fruits and flavours, this is exactly what the Zymurgorium experimental team have done. Head over to our drinks offerings to explore the many other delicious Zymurgorium liqueur creations, from the Sweet Violet Gin Based Liqueur to the Realm of the Unicorn Gin Based Liqueur – you won’t know where to begin. 

Create special moments for your friends and family with one of KeiCo Drinks’ gift sets.

When you send someone an alcohol gift set with their favourite bottle of drink, you are essentially providing them with a moment and a feeling, one that will mean so much more to them during this challenging year. Whatever the occasion, show your friends and family that you care by practicing the art of giving. 

We can all agree that everything is better with alcohol – therefore, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of a premium bottle of champagne, luxury bottle of wine or a specially wrapped alcohol gift set. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to go-to cocktails and preferred alcohol of choice – which is why we host a specially curated list of wonderful options to choose from here at KeiCo Drinks.

Discover the best gift set that will bring a smile to your love one’s face today!